The University has taken up the challenge, therefore, to provide the requisite education and know-how in the field of environmental science to clearly define and isolate the factors of environmental degradation and be able to take or recommend the necessary action to avoid imminent disaster.

      - Bachelor of Science Programme in Applied Science (with specialisations in Applied Geology
      - Geo-Environmental Science
      - Petroleum Geoscience


Mission Statement

Our mission is to train geoscientists to be highly innovative, motivated, and competent in finding and exploiting mineral, hydrocarbon, and water resources, as well as solving problems related to the extraction of these earth resources for the benefit of mankind. Our graduates should be able to handle major environmental issues associated with the exploitation of these resources and others resulting from natural and man-made disasters, e.g. earthquakes, flooding, pollution, waste management, noise, etc. It is believed that this mission will be maximally achieved through a well-structured academic programme backed by vigorous practical activities and exposures in related industries

General Aims

The programme aims at not only providing an environment conducive to learning and professional development but more importantly, producing successful graduates who shall qualify to prac tise as geologists, petroleum geoscientists, or geo-environmental scientists, and shall be in a position to:

       • Play the role of geoscientists in solving pertinent geoscience and environmental problems;
      • Become consultants or advisors to individuals and organisations engaged in mining, oil and gas, civil works, construction, land use planning, and environmental management by providing pertinent technical advice on their activities; and
       • Be able to pursue further specialist courses in fields related to environmental management, earth sciences, oil and gas, economics and management in the exploration and exploitation of earth resources.


The objectives of the Applied Science programme are to:
       • Teach relevant mathematics, science, and engineering courses by which students can analyse and/or explain geoscience and environmental concepts;
       • Equip students with effective communication skills that should enable them to clearly disseminate scientific findings and ideas, both verbally and in writing;
       • Teach scientific principles that govern mankind’s interactions with the natural environment;
       • Ensure that students understand core geological concepts while providing them the opportunity to specialise in related disciplines;
       • Enable students acquire enough practical and field exposure through attachments and visits to industrial establishments and places relevant to the programme that would enable them to translate their classroom experience to the real world environment;
       • Conduct scientific investigation and research in the geosciences and related disciplines;
       • Introduce students to the principles of work ethics and managerial practice in the discovery, exploitation, use, and disposal of earth resources;
       • Organise relevant extra-curricular activities such as seminars and symposia, talks by experienced and knowledgeable practitioners from outside (or within) the university.


Entry Requirements

WASSCE/SSSCE Certificate Holders

Applicants must have:

A pass in the Core English and Core Mathematics, in addition to a pass in one of the following Core Subjects; Integrated Science, Social Studies/life Skills.
Passes in any three (3) relevant Elective Subjects.

The aggregate score for the core and elective subjects must be not be more than 24 for SSSCE holders and not more than 36 for WASSCE holders. The WAEC equivalent grading system has be adopted and this is shown below;






D7 & D8














G.C.E Ordinary and Advanced Level Certificate Holders

Credit Passes in at least Five (5) Subjects (including English Language, Core Mathematics and a Science Subject) in West Africa Examination Council (WAEC) G.C.E. 'O' Level or School Certificate Examinations, and three (3) Passes at the G.C.E Advanced Level. Two 'A' Level passes at grade 'C' or better will also be accepted. A pass in General Paper must also be obtained.

Application Forms;

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